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Frequently Asked Questions
About owning
Sugar Gliders
In general…

The simple truth is that anybody can look like an expert in today's internet age; and when it comes caring for any animal, taking advice from the internet is almost always a very bad idea.

As such, we strongly suggest that you rely only on Veterinary-approved information when making your decision. Fortunately, the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians™ (made up of over 1,100 licensed doctors of Veterinary Medicine in the U.S. and 28 countries) recently produced a free, educational video series specifically for people just like you who have questions – and want reliable, unbiased answers.

A full list of all their free videos is available by going to, but here are links to a few of the most useful videos for persons who are thinking about getting Sugar Gliders as pets. Enjoy!

    • Are they good with children?
    • How long do they live?
    • How big do they get?
    • Do they make good pets?
    • Do they make a lot of noise?
    • Is a “sugar glider” and a “sugar bear” the same thing?
    • Are the males neutered? How much do you charge for neutering?
    • Can they be potty trained?
    • What kind of noises does a Sugar Glider make?
    • Will my cat/dog/ferret/parrot… kill my sugar glider?
    • Do they stink?
    • Can they bond to more than one person?
    • Do they chew on things?
    • What if they “get away?”
    • Do they bite?
    • What’s better males or females?
    • How much time do I need to spend with them?
    • Are they taken out of the wild?
    • Do I have to cut their nails?
    • Can they fly?
    • What colors do they come in?
    • Can you teach them tricks?
    • Are they legal to own, do I need a special permit?
    • Are they nocturnal?
    • Is it possible I’m allergic to them?
    • Do I need to get 2 animals?
    • What do they eat?
    • How much does it cost to feed them?
    • Can I get their food in a pet shop?
    • Can you give them treats?
    • Do they need any shots?
    • Do veterinarians know how to work on them?
    • What kind of cage do I need?
    • Can I use my own cage?
    • Can I start with a bigger cage?
    • How much time do these animals require?
    • What do you put at the bottom of the cage?
    • Do I need to bathe them?
    • I’ve read heat rocks are dangerous, why do you recommend them?
    • How hot/cold can they get?
    • How long can I leave my sugar gliders alone?
    • Are they allowed on planes?
    • Is this a good pet for me if I travel a lot?
Specifically about
  • Shipping and Purchase Process

    • Do you sell animals without the cage?
    • How is the shipping done?
    • Is it unsafe/unethical to ship sugar gliders?
    • Can I just meet you somewhere and pick them up myself?
    • How does it work if I decide to buy from you?
    • Can I speak to someone on the phone?
    • How long after I purchase will I receive my animals?
    • Are you a mill?
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