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As a very small, private breeder, the only things we care about are raising our babies right, and making sure every one of them gets adopted into the BEST possible home that's setup correctly.  Because of this, we work very hard to keep our prices low and affordable - and even though we would love to talk to every new mom & dad - it’s just not possible to pay someone to answer the phones 24/7.  

Once you have reserved your babies and checked out, we will call you directly within the next 48 hours to schedule your exact delivery date and personally walk you through every step of the adoption process.  But, if you need to get in touch with us in the meantime, email us at one of the addresses below for the fastest response. If you’d like to try and call instead, our phone number is listed below, but emailing us is probably going to be MUCH faster.


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(971) 21-STORK

(971) 217-8675